Do you struggle to manage money well?

Perhaps you:

  • Don’t have enough money to cover your bills and expenses each month
  • Have too much debt and loans
  • Can’t pay your bills on time
  • Can’t seem to save any money
  • Question where all your money goes

How terrible does it feel to struggle with this each month? The negative feelings dragging you down even further and you feel there is no way out – EVER!

Firstly, you are not alone!

More and more people are finding it difficult to manage their money each month, let alone feel like they can start working toward their financial goals.  The great news is that we will help you stop feeling like this right now!

That’s why we created our “Get up and Go” Budgeting Method that works for everyone.


Great News! Budget Buddy solves ALL these problems for you

Our solutions take the “HARD” out of managing your money, even if you:

  • Have no experience
  • Are not good with numbers
  • Have never considered doing a budget
  • Don’t like budgeting

How great would it feel to:

KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SPENDING EACH MONTH with Budget Buddy’s holistic view you can see exactly where all your money goes

BE ON TOP OF ALL YOUR BILLS AND EXPENSES means no more missing a payment or overspending

MAKE SMART DECISIONS WITH YOUR MONEY and get back in control of you finances and only spend in the best possible way

GET OUT OF DEBT FAST because you can see the impact extra payments will make on paying down your loan balances quick

ACTUALLY REACH YOUR SAVINGS GOALS because you will be never be surprised by an expense you forgot again and you can see your savings grow

STAY MOTIVATED AND REACH ANY GOAL YOU SET and Budget Buddy is the right tool to help you learn how to budget in a simple, easy to understand way ensuring any goal is not out of your reach and you will achieve your goals

Budget Buddy makes it super simple to manage your money

Our semi-automated Budget Planner changes your money management forever.

If you have been finding it hard, scary or confusing previously, you won’t now.

Budget Buddy allows you to:

  • Just enter a few minor details and it automatically does all the hard math and calculations for you
  • Instantly see your balanced budget and confirm everything is paid on time
  • Fast track your debt reduction goals with our “future planner”
  • Speed up reaching your multiple savings goals all at once
  • Track 1-2 expenses OR 1000!  There is no limits and everything is fully customisable
  • Label your expenses so they make sense for you because we do not like “generic”

More Than Your Expectations

Budget Health Check is about empowering your decisions and being smart with handling your money.

Our expert, Karin, has 20 years of experience in the financial industry, both in Personal and Business capacities. You will find out what worked for her to help her pay off more than $163,000 of “stupid debt” in a few short years, but also gain 20 years of knowledge from “behind the scenes” involving she a unique view of money management, banking, loans, credit requirements and how to use the “system” to your advantage.  Having helped thousands who have struggled with money, she now brings all this expertise to Budget Health Check.

We do not want to be like other “budget” methods or coaching. Why?  We believe:

  • Long term coaching is costly and exhausting.
  • Everyone is capable of managing their own money.
  • Family or Social Media groups can confuse and overwhelm you e
  • No one knows your situation like you do
  • Real longlasting change is possible when you take ownership of your situation.
  • You CAN and WILL make your life better


Here Are Some Ideas on How Budget Buddy Can Help You:

I want to get out of debt quicker
I want to reach my savings goals quicker
I am Starting Out
I don’t have enough income
I want more control of my money