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  • Jessica Frelek
    We owe Karin a big thank you! She saved us and taught us how to budget. We are a family and we had stupid debts plus your everyday living expenses that were drowning us. We were living pay check to pay check (I’ll be honest, I am comfortable throwing that out there) and I thought there was no other way! Karin saved us big time. She showed us that budgeting is actually quite easy and rewarding. At first I was ashamed of someone to go through our financials however Karin did not make us feel like that at all. She is honest, she knows what she is doing and I know she is so passionate about helping other down the right road of budgeting, saving, paying off those debts, buying a car, buying a house, whatever it is, as well as educating you along the way. We are very grateful and if are thinking about getting yourself or your family on track, please do yourself a favour and reach out to Karin. It’s nice to be able to look at your budget, have control and be at peace with yourself and your partner because your budgeting is heading in the right direction. Thank you Karin.
    Jessica Frelek

About Budget Buddy

Many people in this world that DON’T take control of their money. Many already use a popular budgeting system, and it is working for them. Others write it down each month. But regardless of which way you prefer to budget, each presents their unique challenge:

  • Most people don’t use physical cash anymore, and shops prefer card payments after COVID 19
  • It’s time-consuming to handwrite your budget each month
  • If you’re busy, it can be hard work to maintain consistently
  • Although you have a budget, you can lose sight of your goals
  • If you aren’t budgeting at the moment, I guarantee you could do much better.

Budget Health Check and Budget Buddy solve multiple money management problems and also works very well with any current strategy you may be using that is working well for you.


Let us show you How and Why Budget Buddy will transform your world. Our page, “Watch Budget Buddy in Action” showcases a range of videos on HOW Budget Buddy solves common problems or how it can help you achieve your goals faster, with more clarity and focus AND how it tandemly complements and supports all current budgeting strategies. We even show how you can use it if you do not currently maintain a budget.

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About our Resources Area inside Budget Health Check

Budget Health Check connects you to a variety of different resources, all designed to help you reach your goal, no matter what it is. All of our resources are quick, easy to understand and simple to use. Why make budgeting more complicated?

Our Resources Library, available to both Free and Premium Members, consists of an extensive collection of:

Get your own One to One Budget Coach

Having an Expert Budget Coach review your money management can create the difference between reaching your goals fast or staying stuck in the weeds. Working one on one with me personally will make your goals so much easier to obtain. 

You will get: 

    • Professional review of your current budget to look for ways to make it even better
    • A unique plan to help you achieve your goals – no matter what they are. After all, it is about YOU. 
    • A safe and private expert to express all your concerns or problems to
    • Someone who understands and has empathy for you and your situation. 
    • Support and guidance