Managing money can be confusing – it can feel like it’s very hard to come by and equally hard to keep hold of! “Budgeting” can be very overwhelming and stressful. It’s a common problem, but here we help and support you see your money management in a totally new light. All our resources focus on being simple, quick and easy to use.

Budget Health Check empowers you to be confident and knowledgeable in managing your money. We achieve this through our:

Unlike some other budgeting programs where they only give you part of the solution, we aim to help you see the big picture, in a very simple to understand way.

In our experience, being able to budget your money successfully is certainly about the numbers but also understanding the underlying reasons which drive you to make the decisions you do. This is where Budget Health Check is unique. It enables you to look at your budget and money from a new perspective. Once you have this knowledge, you Empower Your Decisions to be made with purpose, moving you toward your goals so much quicker. Budget Health Check gives you a total solution, not just part of it.